What Turns a Man On?

Did you think that it is only good looks that turn a man on? Well, you are wrong. Men have different ideas about what they find attractive in a woman. Here are the most common things that turn men on!


  1. Believe it or not, women who are scantily dressed are not a great turn on for a guy. In fact, they like women who tease a little with their looks but leave a lot to the imagination. What do we mean? Try a backless gown instead of a bikini styled dress that exposes all you assets!
  2. Men love women who admit that they enjoy sex. Most men have a strong sex drive and so a woman who openly admits that she likes sex is a great turn on for them.
  3. One of the greatest of turn-on men can have is a woman who respects herself, is not needy and speaks her mind. Face it, a needy and clinging partner is a great turn off for anybody!
  4. Women who can easily engage in dirty talk are more likely to enjoy sex. For this reason, these women attract more men. Men like it when women describe what they want to be done in bed. It excites them and encourages them on to greater sex!
  5. The greatest of factors that make a woman a man magnet is the fact that she loves her body. Of course men like a great body. However, that is useless without the self confidence that comes with it. So, next time you are in bed with your man, shake off your inhibitions and enjoy your body!
  6. Finally, a sense of humor always helps. Women who have it are easier to be with and therefore attract men in droves!


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