Sexual Fantasies Can Help Make Self-Pleasure Better

Sexual fantasies are the key ingredient to making your self-love experience a satisfying and rewarding one. To get the best orgasm from your alone time putting that extra thought into mood and background will make the event so much more rewarding.


If you give yourself time and let your active imagination run wild then the possibilities are endless. The easiest way to fantasize is to use one of the following approaches:


1) Use a past experience


I bet one of the best times you had sex was when it was little bit different and the anticipation of the event was as much of a turn on as the experience itself. Before you approaches the time when you are going to self-pleasure go back over a great experience in your mind. If you let the thought roll around in your head for a while slowly you will feel yourself getting hot with anticipation and when you finally get to self-pleasure the experience will be vivid in your mind and the climax great.


2) Let you imagination be naughty


You know the situation you are on your way to work or on your lunch break. You see a guy/gal who you catch in your gaze for a second and there is an instant connection. The hormones take over and your mind thinks “yummy” and for a split second you imagine what that person maybe like in bed (or wherever you want to have sex). Now instead of pushing that thought out of your mind let in circulate. Imagine that guy/gal running their hands all over you and let your mind wander from there. You will soon have an erotic fantasy in your head that you can then use for self-pleasure.


3) Pure fantasy


Use whatever thoughts come into your head. Open up your mind and let it run wild. It is amazing what the brain is capable of. For example that guy/gal in accounting that you really fancy but have been too afraid to approach well why not think about bumping into that person in the copying room alone. Then you close the door and move in for the kiss and before you know it you are photocopying more than the end of month balance sheets.


In Conclusion


You never know by realizing that fantasy in your mind first my even give you the confidence to approach that person in real life. Life is all about getting the most of out your time. This means even when self pleasuring embrace the experience and use any means necessary to make sure that the experience is as fulfilling as can be. Go on let your mind run wild!


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