Tips To Improve Your Prostate Milking Technique

The trend of prostate milking has been practiced by many men of different ages and different races because of the benefits that come with it. It is not only beneficial for our health but also pleasurable for us. Some men perform this alone and some prefer to enjoy this with their partners or lovers. Word to the wise, do not rush into prostate milking though, because there is more to know about this activity.


Prostate milking is a delicate matter and should be dealt with utmost care. Why is this so? Well because there are things that one should avoid when performing prostate milking and there are also proper techniques when it comes to milking the prostate. Let us first be aware of the things that we have to avoid so that we would be free to move and learn about the proper techniques of prostate milking without having too much to think about. Here are the things to avoid.


1) APPLYING TOO MUCH PRESSURE. As you are very well aware, the prostate gland is a very sensitive part of our body. If you are too aggressive when dealing with it, you might cause damage rather than pleasure. The tricky thing about applying pressure is that it differs for each person. Some men may need to be touched much lighter than others and vice versa. So the best advice here would be to experiment on what pressure works best for you. You could start with a very light touch and then try adding a bit of pressure until you feel the right sensation.


2) DO NOT RUSH. After the first time that you perform prostate milking, you may feel a bit sore. Be sure to give yourself time to recover from the activity. You must at least give yourself a few days before you do the deed again. If you push yourself too hard, the experience would not be as enjoyable as it is supposed to be.


3) DO NOT GO UNPREPARED. You have to be armed with the proper techniques first before poking your prostate gland. Do some research first and understand how prostate milking is done.

That is pretty much everything that we should avoid when dealing with the prostate gland. And now let me tell you a few techniques for successful prostate milking. Read on and enjoy.


4) MAKE SURE THAT YOU (OR YOUR PARTNER) ARE READY FOR THIS. Prostate milking is not for everybody so you should determine if you are really ready for this stuff. Think things over and when you decide that you could consent to doing this then good for you. When you are going to do this with the help of your partner, make sure to consider his or her feelings too. Both of you should be ready to take this activity on so that you could be able to maximize the pleasure that prostate milking brings.


5) SET THE MOOD. As I have said earlier, do not rush things. You should set a date when you would do this. Especially if this is the first time that you would perform prostate milking. Treat it as if it is your first time to have sex. Go to the effort of setting the mood. In short, make it special. You could even plan things ahead so that you have something to look forward to. Research has shown that when people anticipate something, they are more likely to enjoy that certain thing when t is right in the palm of their hands. Same goes for prostate milking. By setting a special day for this, you would build up the arousal that you feel and that would help you and your partner to enjoy the deed even more.


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