Favorite Juicy Lubes to Add Flavor to Your Sex Life

We all have aimed to do something different in bed. Introducing food to sex is also not an uncommon incidence. Many people use honey, whipped cream and chocolate from time to time to add flavor and zest to sex. However, these items can be a bit messy and it would be irksome to wash the sheets after a nice session of tasty sex. This is where flavored lubricants come handy. These types of lubricants are versatile, useful and even tasty. They smell nice and make the atmosphere of the bedroom lively. Read on to know more about the pleasures of flavored lubricants for an enjoyable sex.

Introduction to flavored lubricants

Flavored lubricants come in a variety of flavors such as banana, watermelon, kiwi, orange, strawberry, bubblegum, vanilla, chocolate, mint, so on and so forth. No matter what tingles your taste buds, you will find something you like. These lubricants perk up most of your senses including smell, touch, feel and taste. The heightened senses make sex even more pleasurable and you and your partner feel more excitement than with normal lubricants.

Why use flavored lubes with luxury sex toys?

Most women do not feel the need of using lubricants with quality sex toys. However, the heightened sense of pleasure makes using luxury sex toys even more fun. It helps women to awaken their senses and make them more sensitive. Flavored lubricants always have an effect on the pleasure centers in the brain, that’s why it is recommended to use flavored lubricants especially with new sex toys.

Why use flavored lubes for anal sex?

Anal cavity or rectum is often not the sweetest smelling of all places. Using flavored lubricants can downsize this problem and make it worthwhile to have anal sex. Newbies and beginners should especially use flavored lubricants, especially if one of the partners is averse about anal sex.

Why use flavored lubes during masturbation or partner sex?

Masturbating when alone can be made more fun by using personal lubricants. Most men and women do not use lubricants whilst masturbating. However, making a habit to use lubricants can add to the smoothness and slickness of it, which is a fun way to masturbate. Unless and until you do not use a lubricant, you will not know about the joys of using lubricants.

Flavored lubricants can make masturbation more aromatic and heighten the pleasure via the sense of smell. This can lead to more deep and intense orgasms.

How to use flavored lubes?

It is simple to use lubricants. Even if you are using flavored lubes, there is nothing to feel apprehensive about.

Pour a dime-sized amount of flavored lubricant on the palm of your hand.

Spread it generously around the external part of vulva or anus. Apply some on the inside of the vaginal opening. Let your partner also apply some on the shaft of his member. If you are using luxury vibrators, apply some on them. If you are using a silicone toy, do not use silicone-based lubricant.

Flavored lubes are water-based and hence easily dry up. Therefore, it is advisable to re-apply more of it during intercourse if needed. Wash off with water and soap when finished and wipe yourself clean. Simple, isn’t it?

Remember to get flavored lubricants that do not contain sugar and glycerin, as they are known to cause or promote yeast infections.

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